Abercus uses CFD to assess the external flow behaviour and associated structural loading

In terms of simulation, application areas include:

  • assessment of subsea hydrodynamic stability - drag/added-mass/overturning/stability for subsea structures and ROVs/AUVs, and associated energy consumption for AUVs
  • dynamic wave loading upon fixed structures and floating vessels
  • greenwater/whitewater assessment of the probable risk of greenwater entering the topsides of an offshore facility and the associated impact upon personnel and equipment, and consider mitigation strategies to reduce greenwater risk
  • vortex-induced vibration (VIV) - vibration/structural loading/fatigue life assessment due to loading induced by external vortex-shedding flows
  • scour prediction - to assess the risk of sea bed scour around a subsea structure due to the dynamics of the flow past the structure, determine the scoured profile of the sea bed and propose mitigation measured to reduce the impact of scour upon the integrity of the structure.