GeomAuditry is a database-driven application designed to manage the model building process for applications with complex geometries.

The tool organises a collection of smaller, manageable models, each of which may have multiple revisions depending upon the stage of the project and the amount of information received from the client or other sources. Each of the drawings (or other sources of information) used for the creation of each revision of each model is recorded to provide a complete audit trail for the geometry used. The model geometries are imported from a standard CAD platform (Abercus uses Rhino3D).

Once imported, the models are grouped together to form a complete reference geometry. There may be multiple reference geometries required within a project, and each reference geometry may be revised during the course of a project. GeomAuditry records all of the reference geometry exports to keep track of the current geometry and provide an audit trail of what geometry has been used to date.

Upon export, the reference geometry is divided into primary and secondary geometry, according to the ObjectSizeCutOff parameter specified by the user - primary geometry includes all geometrical objects greater than this cut-off parameter, and the secondary geometry includes all of the remaining, smaller geometrical objects. The primary geometry is aligned to the nearest snap-point, according to the CfdMeshSpacing parameter specified by the user. The secondary geometry is compiled directly into a separate congestion database.