Our experience

The team at Abercus has a long and proud track record in the field of advanced simulation which extends for more than twenty years. Over this time, the team has witnessed significant changes to the simulation technologies available. Abercus continues to remain at the forefront of these developments and their application within the energy sector and has experience with the following simulation tools, many of which are widely used within the energy sector.


Ansys mesher, by Ansys
Gambit, by Ansys
Gridgen, by Pointwise
ICEM, by Ansys
SnappyHexMesh, by OpenCFD


CFX, by Ansys
FAST, by Abercus
Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), by NIST
FLACS, by Gexcon
FlowVidia, by Capvidia
FLUENT, by Ansys
KFX, by ComputIT
OLGA, by Schlumberger
OpenFOAM, by OpenCFD
OrthoFlo, by Abercus
Star-CCM+, by CD-Adapco
Telemac, by OpenTelemac
XFlow, by Next Limit


Abaqus, by Simulia
Ansys Mechanical, by Ansys
Orcaflex, by Orcina