22nd June 2016

Abercus presents at the SUT (Society for Underwater Technology) evening meeting in Aberdeen
Reducing CAPEX and OPEX in the subsea sector through the use of advanced engineering simulation


Abercus presented at the SUT evening meeting in Aberdeen in June. Our paper is available for download here: pdf (without animations) - 3Mb, ppsx (with animations) - 30Mb.

As part of the paper, several examples of the application of CFD to the subsea sector are presented. CFD and FEA are becoming increasingly used: to deliver valuable insight at the design stage; to provide improved understanding of installation and operational issues; and to demonstrate technology readiness for novel products and approaches.

Traditionally CFD and FEA tools have, perhaps, been considered as high‑cost niche simulation tools. It is, however, acknowledged that there is now a growing range of lower cost and open source fit for purpose simulation tools emerging that can be successfully employed within the subsea sector. It is Abercus’ expectation that open source simulation tools will become increasingly used in future and that this will accelerate the democratisation of advanced simulation methods. Whilst this represents a massive opportunity for our industry, we do need to be rigorous with respect to verification and validation.

It is hoped that through sharing our case studies and showing the kind of information and value that can be delivered through the use of advanced simulation, perhaps this presentation may act as an incentive for others to investigate these methods further.

As an industry, now is the time to be developing and improving our advanced simulation capabilities.