12th June 2017

Abercus presents at the NAFEMS World Congress in Stockholm


Abercus presented at the NAFEMS World Congress in Stockholm in June. Our paper presents the motivation for and design of our JET (job execution tool) software, which was originally developed by Abercus directors Steve Howell and Simon Feven in 2002 and is one of the earliest examples of an SDM tool known to us.

The paper also discusses some of the limitations of the original JET tool, and the drivers for the development of a new SDM tool - specifically in terms of expanding its capability and improving its flexibility and agility for a wider range of application areas. Some recent developments, including investigating the openSPDM platform (an extension of the open source ARAS PLM platform for SPDM) are also described.

Download the presentation here:
pdf (without animations - 3Mb)
ppsx (with animations - 21Mb).