4th October 2017

Abercus sponsors the Subsea UK evening meeting in MK


Abercus is sponsoring the Subsea UK evening meeting in Milton Keynes in October. What link does Abercus have with Milton Keynes, you may ask? Well, the answer is that the team at Abercus first worked together in Newport Pagnell, just on the other side of the M1 motorway from Milton Keynes. Abercus directors Simon Feven and Steve Howell led the CFD activities at a leading CFD consultancy, Mobius Dynamics, for Dr Keith Littlebury. Indeed, Simon is still based in Milton Keynes.

Mobius Dynamics was founded by Dr Littlebury in 1981 as a spin-off from the nearby wind tunnel at Cranfield University. Through the 1980s, Mobius undertook the experimental wind tunnel technical safety studies for many of the platforms in the North Sea and beyond - exhaust plume dispersion, gas leak dispersion, natural ventilation and helideck turbulence studies. By the early 1990s, however, Keith had become one of the first advocates promoting the use of computational fluid dynamics in the UK oil and gas industry for technical safety applications. By the time Simon and Steve joined Mobius Dynamics in 2001, almost all of the safety studies were completed using CFD.

Mobius Dynamics ceased trading in 2005 and the team splintered into a couple of different groups - Simon established the CFD capabilities for Abbot Risk Consulting (ARC) in Edinburgh, which had been a regular client at Mobius, and Steve led the CFD activities for Ivar Iversen at Prospect Flow Solutions in Aberdeen. By 2010, however, both Simon and Steve were keen to establish a new, more open way to provide democratised CFD support and so Abercus was born.