Abercus developed the EXCGEN (exceedence curve generator) software for undertaking probabilistic explosion/fire assessments. EXCGEN automates the large number of individual CFD simulations required for the underlying dataset of cases required for a probabilistic analysis, to ensure that they're set-up in a rigorous and consistent manner, and automates the construction of the exceedence curves for all targets of interest.

EXCGEN also provides contour plots of explosion loads corresponding to a prescribed frequency of occurrence across any array of targets specified identified within the underlying CFD models - see, for example, the plot of 10-4/yr overpressure across the blast wall in the image below. This is important because the design loads retrieved from traditional exceedence curves correspond to the peak load anywhere on the structure but this is often extremely localised - as in the example below where the maximum 10-4/yr peak overpressure (identified by the red contours) occurs over a small area of the blast wall.

EXCGEN can map explosion loads directly from a CFD based explosion simulation onto an FEA model so that the corresponding structural response can be investigated.